My Pregnancy and Labor Story at 13

by Anonymous
(North Carolina, USA)

Hi! :)

When I was 13 I met the father of my baby.

We didn't intend for it to go that far - it was more like a one night stand type of thing. (I know, horrible right?)

Anyway, we met at a Youth event in Tennessee and found out later that we lived about 30 minutes from each other.

After we slept together, we exchanged phone numbers and emails before we left TN.

I ended up losing the paper with his information on it and I was so upset, but then when I got home I already had an email from him and I was so excited.

We emailed every day after that and about a month after I got home I found out I was pregnant.

I was terrified because my parents are EXTREMELY strict.

J told me that to tell my mom I had a doctor's appointment and get her to drive me and J and his parents were going to meet us there and then we would break the news to my mom.

He was really supportive through everything.

I already had a room and I was wearing the hospital gown when I get a text. Lucky for me, my mom had gone to the bathroom. The doctor walked in and I told him that the father had just texted me and he was headed to the room and then we were going to tell my mom.

J ended up walking in with his parents before my mom got out of the bathroom.

We hadn't seen each other in person for about a month and I missed him like crazy.

At first it was a little awkward because I had never met his parents but they were really accepting and his mom even hugged me.

The first thing he did when he walked in the room was hug me and I started crying and he told me everything was going to be ok.

So when my mom finally came out we were hugging and I was crying and his parents were sitting in the chair at the side of the room.

She looks at everyone and then looks at me and says "What's going on?"

My doctor looks at me and I immediately burst into hysteric tears.

The doctor looked at my mom and said "Your daughter's pregnant."

I expected my mom to blow up at that point but instead she comes up to me and says "I'm so disappointed in you...I'll be in the car and I hope you have an appointment for an abortion when you come out."

I had tears streaming down my face and J pulled me into another hug and starts rubbing my back.

After I could breathe normally again, the doctor said "I'm sorry and I don't know if you're in the mood for it but we need to check the baby."

I got through with the appointment and me and J walked outside hand in hand. I searched the parking lot but my mom had left me.

J's parents offered to take me to their house so my mom could have time to cool down.

I called her but she didn't answer so I left her a message and told her where I would be.

Anyway, the rest of my pregnancy is a mix of mushy, gushy romance and a little morning sickness tossed in with it.

Everything was as ok as it could mom still wasn't accepting but J's house became my second home and I stayed there more than I did the other. We used the spare room as a nursery and when we found out we were having a boy we painted it blue and J was thrilled!

Anyway, sorry for the skip in time but I'm going to jump to labor.

April 1, 2011 (ironic date right?)

I was 8 months along and having what I thought were BH and I ignored them because I was a month early and I didn't want to go to the hospital with a false alarm because they weren't absolutely horrible.

I was supposed to be off my feet but I wanted to help J's mom with breakfast and so I was up helping (even though she put me on light duty).

J and his dad were in the living room watching tv and I had just taken a pan of blueberry muffins out of the oven when I felt a gush of water and my water had broke!

His mom recognized what was happening and told me to stand there until she got back and went to go get the bags from the nursery.

I screamed from the kitchen "Babe, come in water just broke!"

He was like "Yeah, ok, you can say April Fool's now."

I screamed "J!!!!!"

He comes in there and I'm gripping the counter and there's a puddle around me and he says "Oh My God, you're not kidding!" and I was like "No I'm not!!!" (trying to resist the urge to scream.)

Then his mom comes out of the nursery and says "Ok let's get in the car!" So we load everything up (I was trying to help) but when I kept stopping and squeezing the life out of the door handle, J helped me in the car.

The contractions were coming fast and hard because I had been ignoring the supposed "BH" contractions.

I was moaning in the car and I think J was freaking out more than I was. I was moaning and holding onto whatever I could grab and he was going "Is there anything you want me to do? I don't know what to do?"

He finally sat down beside me in the car and I grabbed his hand. He was helping me with breathing techniques when we pulled out of the driveway and the closest hospital was about 50 minutes away.

About a little more than halfway there and I asked his mom (because she had 8 kids) I said "Why do I feel like I need to push?"

J really started freaking out then and so did I!

I kept saying "No I can't have this baby in the car" and I was screaming and crying....I was absolutely terrified!

We got to the hospital and I hadn't pushed even though I felt like I needed to.

J's dad brought a wheelchair out and they wheeled me into the waiting room and the doctors were going to make me wait!

When I started screaming during a contraction and I told them I felt like I needed to push they admitted me back right away!

When I got to the delivery room, I was screaming for pain meds but they didn't want to give me any because I was a month early and I was already 8 cm...I waited almost another hour and then the doctor came in and told me I could push!

That was a huge relief except for the ring of fire (when the baby's head crowns) I pushed for almost 2 hours and gave birth to a 7 lb. 10.3 oz. Baby boy and we named him Aiden Connor.

His birthday is April 1, 2011.

I moved back in with my mom but I see Aiden every chance I get (he lives with J).

My mom still has not made an effort to see him but I'm happy with my life and I wouldn't change it for the world! :)

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by: demmi

Hi ya, I am Demmi and am 16 now but I had my first babys at 14; twins - a boy and a girl.

I just turned 15 and I found out I had a baby boy coming soon.

He is now 5 months old and my ex cheated on me when I had the baby a couple of weeks old and my mum hasn't made the effort to meet my kids xxx

by: demmi

I had twins; boy and girl.

They are 13 months old and I had them at 14.

And a wee boy at 15.

He is 5 months old gorgeous baby and my mum did not make the effort to meet any of them.

My mum kicked me out and the dad of my wee boy cheated on me 5 weeks after me having my son.

Update :)
by: The Author (prefer to remain anonymous)

By the way, I forgot to mention this but I'm now 15...I turn 16 in October and Jamieson is now 16 and he turns 17 in September :)

Aiden is now a little over 15 months old and we're as happy as can be! :)

Thanks to everyone that reads or comments and I hope my story helps someone!

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