Thursday , July 28 2016
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The Top 2 Secrets to Paying Off your Student Debt Fast! (29)

Education is an undeniably worthwhile investment. It slowly establishes an individual’s financial stability by creating great opportunities to the American youth. One big problem that both young and old have in common are student debts- financial loans which were taken out to finance college education. Student loans are generally paid …

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Why Is It Good To Eat Red Meat? (10)

Red meat isn’t always the cheapest type of meat you could buy, but there’s no denying the many health benefits it can provide (number 1 on the list is treating the sores). However, there are also a few risks to be aware of, so in this guide, you are going to …

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My Parents Need Life Insurance Now (26)

My folks swear that they are younger, even though they are well into their 60s. While that is not ancient when compared to many people, the fact is that they are not spring chickens. This is why I have started mentioning life insurance to them a lot lately ( for …

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Actuaries – What are they? (21)

Like any other type of insurance, car insurance is a pre-need product you won’t really need until your run into a car accident or some other unfortunate incident, but you need to get it in order to have your car registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Because it is …

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A Solid Game Plan for Positive Parenting Teenagers


How can parents of today implement positive parenting for teenagers? An excellent teenager is one that is responsible, considerate, exemplifies good judgment, and obeys the rules inside and outside the home. These qualities may seem rare to be found among teens these days, but they are actually possible. Here is …

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